Canada’s Best Edibles: A Guide on the Top 3 Edibles Companies in Canada

Canada’s Best Edibles: A Guide on the Top 3 Edibles Companies in Canada

The cannabis industry is booming, and that means more and more companies are entering the market. There are now more than 100 licensed producers of medical cannabis in Canada alone. With so much competition, companies have to develop innovative ways to stand out. One way that they’re doing that is by creating high-quality cannabis-infused products. With this in mind, this article will explore the top three companies that manufacture and sell high-quality edibles Canada.
Twisted Extracts are Canada‘s trusted source for weed edibles.  Enjoy full spectrum and balanced cannabis oils and tincture products. Discover a line of THC gummies, indica tinctures, sativa tinctures, CBD tinctures and THC tinctures. Twisted Extracts makes natural cannabis infused edible products so you won’t find any weird additives. Twisted Extracts is a family of cannabis and confection experts that make kickass jelly bomb cannabis edibles. Everything they do is to enrich the quality of life of patients with consistently dosed cannabis and CBD oil products for recreational and medicinal use. Buy Twisted Extracts and Edibles online in Canada at Supherbs Dispensary.

Ed N’ Bills

Ed N’ Bills (Ed and Bills Candy Co & Ed n Bills) are Canada’s most consistent, flavorful THC infused gummy candy. The weed edibles are delicious every time, with exact dosage and quality candy. Ed N’ Bills (Ed and Bills Candy Co) make tasty infused cannabis edibles dosed with THC distillate.  High quality candies are the secret to great tasting THC candy. Ed n Bills THC edibles are delicious every time, with exact dosage and quality candy. Buy Ed & Bills online in Canada at the best prices with Supherbs. Supherbs deliver edibles FREE on orders over $100 in Calgary. Canada wide they ship same day express post! Buy Ed & Bills online in Canada at the best prices with Supherbs.

Ganja Edibles

Ganja Edibles is a Canadian cannabis company that specializes in creating high-quality cannabis-infused treats. They are high quality lab tested THC and CBD products. Find a variety of custom home made edible candy bags that come in unique flavors. Ganja Edibles make full spectrum edibles, not distillate. Terpenes inside the marijuana plant interact with the cannabinoids to give you an intense high, unique to the type of candy and strain used.
Ganja Edibles are high quality lab tested THC and CBD gummies and baked edibles including delicious CBD and THC chocolate bars both infused with weed, dark and milk chocolate. Both are made to perfection with each and every order, lab tested for cannabinoid and terpene levels. Enjoy Ganja lab tested edibles in Canada and trust the accuracy and dosage in each candy. Buy Ganja Edibles online in Canada at Supherbs Canada.
Bottom Line
All of the companies profiled in this article are leaders in the market for high-quality cannabis-infused products. It’s important to note that the amount of THC in cannabis products is increasing each year, and more people are becoming interested in purchasing high-quality products. Twisted ExtractsEd N’ Bills, and Ganja Edibles are some of the most well-known companies in the Canadian cannabis industry. If you’re looking for high-quality cannabis-infused products, these three companies are some of the best choices in Canada. Supherbs Canada carries all of these companies and more! Buy strong edibles Canada here!
Looking for Canada’s strong edibles?  Look no further, Ganja Edibles offer a massive line of Canadas strongest edibles.  1 THC Gummy, MASSIVE THC.

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