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How can i get a bulk Weed Discount?

To get your bulk weed discount, simply add multiple weed product additions to your cart.

The discounts will automatically apply based on the carts weight, with just a few exceptions – such as previously discounted products (Ounce Specials) and if you apply a separate coupon / promo to your cart instead.

The bulk pricing is as follows:


Receive 15% Off Your Selections


Receive 20% Off Your Selections

4 – 7 OUNCES

Receive 25% Off Your Selections


Receive 35% Off Your Selections


*Bulk pricing cannot be stacked with other ongoing promotions / discounts or coupons. In the event that a coupon stacked with another, Supherbs reserves the right to deem the order invalid and may have a customer service rep respond to correct the order.


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