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My Order Shows Complete But I haven’t Received Anything?

For local delivery, we mark all orders as “complete” once they are packaged and our rep begins his delivery routes. Typically, once you see your order is complete, you can expect it to arrive within 1 – 3 hours, depending on weather, traffic (keep in mind rush hour), how busy we are and where you are located. Our drivers are extremely busy, so we ask that you have some patience with them. Imagine doing nothing but driving back and forth across the city for 8+ hours a day in all forms of road conditions. That’s what they dedicate themselves to, so please don’t panic if your order takes a little extra time 

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Calgary Weed Delivery

We strive to deliver all local Calgary orders within 90 Minutes from when your order is marked as PAID.

Please note that factors such as poor weather conditions or accidents may cause minor delays in your order, but we promise we’ll get it to you ASAP

Weed Delivery ETA

Calgary Delivery
Canada Mail Order

Same Day Delivery to all residence of Calgary and surrounding areas.

Free same day delivery applies to all orders over $100.   

We deliver all day from 10am – 8pm Sunday to Thursday and 10am to 10pm on Fridays and Saturdays.

Order now and expect your delivery within 90 minutes – our delivery driver will message you when they are 5 – 10 minutes away from arrival.

Mail order delivery times typically range from 1-4 days, depending if you’re located in a more rural or urban area.

Order early to get your package mailed discreetly within 24 hours of placing it.

All deliveries will be provided a tracking number when we send them, and any questions can be answered by our expert customer service team by texting / calling +1587-768-0455