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What’s the difference between weed extracts and concentrates?

So what’s the big difference between cannabis extracts and concentrates?  Cannabis extracts and concentrates are two very different things.  One is organic, the other uses chemicals to extract the cannabinoids and terpenes.

Weed Extracts use chemicals or solvents to take the cannabinoids and terpenes out of the plant.

Cannabis Concentrates are solventless, meaning they use natural processes like heat and pressure to take the cannabinoids and terpenes out.

Popular cannabis extracts include shatter, terp sauce, and live resin. Popular cannabis concentrates include hash, hash rosin, and live rosin. Get rosin delivery with the best rosin Canada products at Supherbs! We also have the fastest rosin Calgary delivery service within 90 minutes or less.

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Calgary Weed Delivery

We strive to deliver all local Calgary orders within 90 Minutes from when your order is marked as PAID.

Please note that factors such as poor weather conditions or accidents may cause minor delays in your order, but we promise we’ll get it to you ASAP

Canada Mail Order

We ship XPress Post anywhere in Canada

Mail order delivery times typically range from 1-4 days, depending if you’re located in a more rural or urban area.

All deliveries will be provided a tracking number when we send them, and any questions can be answered by our expert customer service team by texting / calling +1587-768-0455