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    Buy THC infused gummy candies online in Canada!  We are Canada's home for the best variety of marijuana infused edible gummies and candies online.
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    Buy CBD Edibles online in Canada for quick delivery.
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    Buy THC infused chocolates online in Canada today.  We offer a variety of unique marijuana edible chocolates and baked goods so you can enjoy your edible experience.
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    Buy THC and CBD capsules online at Canada's best CBD dispensary! CBD and THC capsules help you get the goodstuff without smoking or vaping. Buy lab tested high quality CBD & THC capsules online in Canada here!
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    Weed Cookies!  Buy tasty THC cookies online in Canada!

Buy edibles online in Canada.   We have strong edibles in CBD and THC infused chocolate, gummy candies, beverage mixes, baked edibles, capsules and more of Canada’s strongest edibles.  Our marijuana infused edibles contain varying levels of THC and CBD.

THC Edibles

THC Edibles are how you enjoy the strongest edibles in Canada without the need to smoke.  THC edibles use a marijuana extract to infuse your favorite chocolates, candies, foods and other edible products with the THC or CBDBuy edibles online in Canada at Supherbs for quick delivery and trusted edible dosage every time.

Buy Edibles Online in Canada

Our brands are lab tested and accurately dosed for your medical ailment and sometimes this means strong edibles!   Find a variety of THC and CBD edibles from the best infused edible brands in Canada.  Edibles come in a variety of names also known as weed edibles, marijuana edibles, THC edibles, cannabis edibles and others.

Free Shipping on Edibles Orders Over $100

Save on your mail order edibles when you spend over $100.  Free shipping is automatically applied in the cart on checkout, so no need to enter any discount or coupon codes.  All orders offer package tracking.

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Buy weed on a budget and find Canada's best quality cannabis strains. These are the best places to look for exactly what you're after!


Bundles are sampler, variety pack deals. Save with a selection of weed or shatter strains!


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The absolute best marijuana picks we have to offer! The kind of buds that make your mouth water.


The absolute best picks we have to offer! The kind of buds that make your mouth water.​

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