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Buy THC and CBD capsules online at Canada’s best CBD dispensary! CBD and THC capsules help you get the goodstuff without smoking or vaping. Buy lab tested high quality CBD & THC capsules online in Canada here!

Weed Dispensary

Buy weed online in Canada's weed dispensary, Supherbs. Order edibles, weed, pre rolled joints, shatter, CBD products and other high quality cannabis treats. Looking for a dispensary near me? Glad you found us, place an order for Calgary same day weed delivery, or same-day express shipping anywhere in Canada.

CBD Capsules

CBD capsules (also known as CBD pills) help you ingest CBD without the need to smoke or vape it.  CBD capsules come in different doses.  Buy CBD capsules online in Canada at Supherbs CBD dispensary for high quality, lab tested CBD products and capsules.

THC Capsules

THC capsules (also known as THC pills) help you enjoy the high, and benefit of THC without the need to smoke or vape flower or extracts.  These capsules give you all the benefits of THC without the negatives of inhaling. Buy THC capsules online at Supherbs.

Capsules are good because you can accurately dose each pill, knowing exactly your dosage.  Know exactly how strong edibles can be when you dose correctly with capsules.  This is the purest form of oral ingestible THC and CBD you will find on the market in Canada.  Buy lab tested, quality cannabis capsules packaged tight with CBD, THC and balances between the two. Free same day delivery on edible orders in Calgary over $100, and free same day shipping on Canada wide edible orders.

Looking for a weed dispensary near me? You just found it! We're Canada's best cannabis dispensary with a variety of consistent weed strains, shatter, edibles, vape products, pre rolled joints and other great products with both THC and CBD. Find Canada's top indica, sativa and hybrid cannabis strains in flower, edible and extract forms.

Take 15% off absolutely everything in your order today with the code BESUPHERB on your first experience with our online dispensary. Enjoy free Calgary wide same day, 2 hour or less delivery, and same day Canada wide express shipping.
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Buy weed on a budget and find Canada's best quality cannabis strains. These are the best places to look for exactly what you're after!


Bundles are sampler, variety pack deals. Save with a selection of weed or shatter strains!


Regularly updated ounce specials, deals on your favorite strains at the best prices!


The absolute best marijuana picks we have to offer! The kind of buds that make your mouth water.


The absolute best picks we have to offer! The kind of buds that make your mouth water.​

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