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  • Indica Weed Strains

    Indica Weed Strains (23)

    Buy indica weed strains online in Canada at Supherbs!  Enjoy free delivery on orders over $100 across Canada.  Expect the best indica cannabis on the Canadian market, every time!
  • Connoisseur Collection

    Connoisseur Collection (18)

    The best weed online in Canada.  The Connoisseur Collection offers exclusive access to premium cannabis strains.  We've hand picked the best buds from exotic strains grown by our craft growers from the west coast of Canada!
  • Sativa Weed Strains

    Sativa Weed Strains (14)

    Buy the best sativa weed strains online in Canada!  Enjoy free delivery on orders over $100 across Canada on all sativa cannabis orders!
  • Hybrid Weed Strains

    Hybrid Weed Strains (6)

    Buy hybrid weed strains online in Canada at Supherbs!  Enjoy free delivery on orders over $100 across Canada when you order cannabis today!
  • Connoisseur BLACK

    Connoisseur BLACK (5)

    The best quality cannabis in Canada.  Buy the best weed Canada has to offer online here!

Buy Weed Online

Buy Weed Online in Canada

Buy weed online in Canada.   Search strains by hybrid, indica and sativa varieties available in quarters, half ounces and full ounces.  We take pride in offering the best quality flower at the best rates in Canada.  Free shipping on orders over $100.  At Supherbs online weed dispensary you will find a handful of budget marijuana strains, and a whole bunch of exotic weed strains from regions outside of Canada, grown to perfection in small batches locally.

Order Weed Online in Canada

The BEST Cannabis – Find quality cannabis strains grown to perfection – quality weed that is a step above, exotic strains grown in small batches, introducing the connoisseur collection.  Just look for the gold badge on each strain.

Find premium, craft varieties of hybrid strains, sativa strains and indica strains cannabis strains all with varying levels of THC, CBD and other cannabinoids.

Indica strains are known as the varieties that help with insomnia, and offer a head high.

Sativa strains are typically consumed during the day and used for social environments, creativity or other high energy events. Visit any strain listing to view strain effects, medical benefits, and taste or aroma profile.  Cannabis is also referred to as kush, gas, marijuana, weed and other names!

The Cannabis Connoisseur Collections

When you see this badge you know that you have found Canada's best marijuana strains.

We're bringing in top notch, premium cannabis, craft grown in small batches so you can enjoy the better buds.

The Connoisseur Collection is quality.  This badge is a symbol of the quality created by Canada's top cultivars. Decades of combined experience growing Canada's best bud, all under one roof at Supherbs.

Find the best cannabis online in Canada today, online at Supherbs.

Check out our Connoisseur Black Collection for our absolute top of the line, organic buds.

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Buy weed on a budget and find Canada's best quality cannabis strains. These are the best places to look for exactly what you're after!


Bundles are sampler, variety pack deals. Save with a selection of weed or shatter strains!


Regularly updated ounce specials, deals on your favorite strains at the best prices!


The absolute best marijuana picks we have to offer! The kind of buds that make your mouth water.


The absolute best picks we have to offer! The kind of buds that make your mouth water.​

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