Biscotti Gusher MAGMA Carts

Biscotti Gusher MAGMA Carts


The Biscotti Gushers strain was created by crossing two classic strains, Biscotti and Gushers.

  • 510 Thread Cartridges
  • 500mg of Magma: Cold cure hash rosin
  • Biscotti Gushers strain
  • Batteries not included


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Biscotti Gusher MAGMA Carts Information
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Do you want a super delicious and heady high? Biscotti Gushers provides you with all the goodies in every toke. The unique berry and skunky citrus flavor profile are sure to impress you. As soon as you finish your final exhale, you will be immersed in a euphoric state of mind that makes you feel calm, happy, and totally at ease with the world around you. This strain has a spicy gas overtone that is enhanced by fresh ripe berries and sweet fruits. As you let yourself drift into a sedative state of mind, a body high will creep over your physical frame and leave you couch-locked, making you desire to doze off. You’ll soon fall asleep without realizing it.

Magma 510 thread cartridges are pure rosin vapes.  This is a solventless 510 thread vape cartridge that you’re going to love.

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