Gushers – Terpy THCA Diamonds

Gushers – Terpy THCA Diamonds


Hot Box Terpy THCA Diamonds! 1 gram of Terpy THCA Diamonds in each jar. What sets Terpy THCA diamonds apart is their unique infusion with terpene sauce, which adds an extra layer of flavor and strength to the already potent diamonds. The terpene sauce is made from a blend of natural terpenes extracted from the same strain as the THCA diamonds, ensuring a consistent and authentic flavor profile. Buy Terpy THCA Diamonds online in Canada at Supherbs.


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Gushers – Terpy THCA Diamonds Information

Hot Box Terpy THCA Diamonds! 1 gram of Terpy THCA Diamonds in each jar.

What is a Terpy THCA Diamond?

Terpy THCA Diamonds: the crème de la crème of cannabis concentrates that’ll make your taste buds dance with delight! Specially crafted for true cannabis connoisseurs, these dazzling gems are made from 100% pure THCA – the non-psychoactive precursor to THC – and extracted with the utmost care to deliver an unparalleled power-packed punch.

But wait, there’s more! What really sets these sparkly wonders apart is their scrumptious terpene sauce infusion, adding an extra dollop of flavor and oomph to your already mind-blowing diamonds. This saucy concoction is whipped up from a medley of natural terpenes, handpicked from the same strain as the THCA diamonds, ensuring a harmonious and authentic flavor extravaganza.

Get ready to embark on a euphoric, aromatic journey like no other, as Terpy THCA diamonds tantalize your senses with their high concentration of THCA and delectable flavor symphony! Perfect for both seasoned cannabis aficionados and curious newbies alike, these diamond delights are the ultimate must-try in the world of cannabis concentrates.

Don’t miss out on this dazzling adventure! Order your Terpy THCA diamonds today and experience the zenith of cannabis indulgence. Shine on, you crazy diamond!

Gushers Strain

Gushers, the candy-inspired cannabis strain that’ll have you bursting with excitement! With its exotic fusion of tangy tropical fruits and velvety cookie flavors, this slightly indica-dominant hybrid (60% indica/40% sativa) is the lovechild of two legendary strains, Gelato #41 and Triangle Kush.

Just like popping a scrumptious Gusher candy into your mouth, each puff of this strain promises a taste bud adventure you won’t soon forget. The aroma takes you on a sensory rollercoaster ride, swirling together zesty tropical fruits, spicy grape, and a hint of earthy herbs.

Whether you need a chill-out companion after a hectic day or a muse to ignite your creativity, Gushers is your go-to strain. Hop on board the Gushers train, and discover for yourself why cannabis connoisseurs can’t get enough of this fruity, creamy delight!

HOT BOX Terpy Diamonds

HOT BOX is Canada’s #1 manufacturer of Cannabis designer products from extractions, through processed pre rolls, HOT BOX is a high quality cannabis brand servicing dispensaries across Canada daily.

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