Hot Box Pre Rolls x3 – Lemon Thai

Hot Box Pre Rolls x3 – Lemon Thai


Dank Sinatra is an indica-dominant hybrid strain that was created from crossing LA Affie X Hashplant strains. It was named after the one and only Frank Sinatra because this extremely potent bud will have you up and dancing all night long! Its THC content is extremely high at 33%, making it perfect for more experienced cannabis users rather than newbies.


  • 3x 0.75g (give or take 0.10g) Pre rolls. 1 1/4 Size
  • A 3 pack of pre rolled joints rolled with Dank Sinatra buds.



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Hot Box Pre Rolls x3 – Lemon Thai Information

A 3 pack of pre rolled joints (0.75g each give or take 0.10g) rolled with Lemon Thai buds.

Lemon Thai is a hybrid that was created by crossing the popular Hawaiian strain and Thai Sativa variety. It has a THC percentage of roughly 22 percent. Because its aroma and flavour, Lemon Thai is a wonderful combination of citrus, lemon, minty lime, and bitter lemon. When you smoke Lemon Thai, you can sense a hint of melon and traditional spicy Thai flavour in addition to its invigorating and uplifting effects on your nerves. Lemon Thai is best for treating anxiety and depression, followed closely by anxiety. Anxiety and depression are both soothed and calmed down instantly. Migraines can also be alleviated with this weed. In addition to lowering a variety of pains, including backaches and arthritis issues, this weed is also used to alleviate migraine headaches. Dry eyes and dry mouth are among the side-effects of this weed.

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