Rainbow Sherbert – THCA Diamonds and Sauce

Rainbow Sherbert – THCA Diamonds and Sauce


Hot Box THCA Diamonds and Sauce! 1 gram of THCA Diamonds and Sauce in each jar. These premium extracts are essentially a strange alien goo with a sprinkling of small, glass-like chunks, the concentrate has nevertheless found a rabid following among heavy marijuana users.


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Rainbow Sherbert – THCA Diamonds and Sauce Information

Hot Box THCA Diamonds and Sauce! 1 gram of THCA Diamonds and Sauce in each jar.

What are THCA Diamonds and Sauce?

Cannabis concentrate, often described as a peculiar, viscous substance with tiny, glass-like particles, has gained popularity among avid marijuana users. These particles, known as “diamonds,” are some of the most potent cannabis derivatives available, boasting THC levels of up to 99% when heated. The accompanying viscous substance, or “terpene sauce,” is made from live resin, which maintains the distinct flavors, aromas, and effects of each specific strain.

The process of creating diamonds and sauce is intricate and requires expert techniques. Initially, cannabis trim or flower undergoes a solvent extraction method, commonly using butane, to obtain uncured live resin. Once the solvent is removed, the resulting sauce-like mixture is placed in a dark room for “diamond mining.” Over several weeks, separation occurs; the terpenes form a liquid layer on top while cannabinoid crystals develop at the bottom. These components are then individually purified and recombined to produce the final product: THC-A crystals immersed in a pool of terpene sauce.

Rainbow Sherbert Strain

Get ready to taste the rainbow! Rainbow Sherbet is a scrumptious, perfectly balanced hybrid (50% indica/50% sativa) strain, born from the delightful union of the delectable Champagne and juicy Blackberry strains. If you’re seeking a tantalizing treat with well-rounded effects, look no further!

This bud boasts a lip-smacking berry flavor, swirling with sugary sweetness and a refreshing minty kick on the exhale. Its aroma is a delightful fusion of earthy fruitiness and luscious berry notes, playfully mingling with hints of invigorating mint.

The Rainbow Sherbet high is like a vibrant rollercoaster ride, launching you into a cerebral energy burst that elevates your spirits and sparks your creativity, all while sharpening your focus. And just when you think you’ve reached peak euphoria, your body gently descends into a deep relaxation, ultimately settling into a blissful body stone.

With its powerful effects, Rainbow Sherbet is an excellent choice for combating conditions such as chronic pain, arthritis, spinal cord injury, anxiety, and nausea. So go ahead, indulge in a scoop of Rainbow Sherbet – it’s the perfect blend of fun and relief!

HOT BOX Diamonds and Sauce

HOT BOX is Canada’s #1 manufacturer of Cannabis designer products from extractions, through processed pre rolls, HOT BOX is a high quality cannabis brand servicing dispensaries across Canada daily.

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