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Rebel God Smoke Strain

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Rebel God smoke is a rare sativa dominant hybrid strain created through crossing the infamous Cinderella 99 X Gupta Kush strains.


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June 26, 2023

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Rebel God Smoke is a unique hybrid strain that results from the fusion of the renowned Cinderella 99 and Gupta Kush strains. This potent blend crafts an even more robust strain, delivering mind-altering effects and a remarkably high THC level that averages around 28%.

It’s advised to consume Rebel God Smoke in moderation, particularly for those unaccustomed to high THC levels. The high hits rapidly, igniting a surge of cerebral effects that catapults your mind into an exhilarated state of focus and drive. As the high intensifies, so does your joy, leaving you almost giddy with pure elation and a spirited energy that encourages productivity. However, this effect can occasionally become overpowering, leading to headaches, paranoia, and heightened anxiety, thus caution is advised. Given its potent cerebral effects, Rebel God Smoke is touted as ideal for seasoned users grappling with chronic fatigue, depression, and mood fluctuations.

It carries a traditional sweet and spicy grape flavor with a strong hint of musky diesel as the buds are lit.

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  1. Lyndsay (verified owner)

    Good if it drys out for a bit but a little too moist for me.