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Same day weed delivery in Calgary, and fast online weed delivery Canada. Buy weed online quick anywhere in Canada.

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Calgary Same Day Weed Delivery and Canada’s best online dispensary for quick mail order marijuana.

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We stock some of the most desirable strains known to smokers in Canada.  Enjoy a steady selection of high quality top shelf cannabis strains with high THC, high terpenes and a variety of trats so there’s always something for you.

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The Best Sales on Weed

Looking for budget buds?  Some weed on sale.  A regularly priced strain for less?  We have you covered, here’s the best deals on quality strains in Canada!

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The Strongest Edibles

No more limits on THC.  Enjoy a real dose of high quality THC in our cannabis oil drops, high THC edibles, strong chocolates and gummys.  We carry Canadas best weed brands including Twisted Extracts, Bliss Edibles,  Ganja Edibles, Boost Edibles and more.

HIGH THC Edibles.


Buy Magic Mushrooms

Looking for the strongest magic mushrooms in Canada?  Buy magic mushrooms online at Supherbs mushroom dispensary.  We bring you the most potent strains of shrooms and help you buy mushrooms online in Canada, easily.  Buy shrooms and magic mushrooms for quick same day delivery.


Weed Vape Pen

Weed Vape Pens

Weed vape pen Canada – Let us help you get the good effects of cannabis without the smell.  Enjoy cannabis extracts packaged up into cart refills so you can easily take your weed on the go in a disposable or 510 thread vape pen.

THC Vape Pen Canada

CBD For Dogs or Pets

CBD Canada

Enjoy a variety of CBD for you and for your furry friends.  CBD and CBD oil for dogs.  CBD and CBD oil for humans.  CBD strains, pre rolls, edibles and a variety of other CBD prodcuts.

CBD Canada

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Calgary same day weed delivery is best with Supherbs. We carry Calgary’s highest quality lineup of weed strains, edibles, weed vape, magic mushrooms and more.

Canada’s best ounce special pricing.. Get an ounce delivered to your place for under $100, every day of the week!

You need a dispensary with high THC edibles for affordable prices.  Our strong edibles range up to 1000mg and 1500mg of THC in each bite.

Same day Calgary Weed Delivery and mail order weed Canada!  Buy weed online with a team you can trust. Buy weed online in Canada from the best online dispensary. When you shop at Supherbs you earn points on every item, redeemable at checkout on your next order.  Check out how many points you have hereBuy weed online in Canada with a trusted cannabis dispensary in Canada today!

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Choose between rolling trays, rolling papers, flavored tips and more when you spend over $100, every time!
Bulk Weed
Buying more than 1 ounce? You can save up to 35% off your entire order of weed with our bulk weed pricing discounting your wholesale order.
Best Weed Deals
Earn points everytime you checkout at Supherbs online dispensary. Use these points for free weed and extra deals.

Buy weed online in Canada at the best online dispensary with delivery.  Supherbs is Canada’s trusted online cannabis dispensary for quick cannabis delivery.  Enjoy a variety of high quality cannabis indica, sativa and hybrid strains.  We offer regularly priced cheap weed and special ounce deals so you can try ounces for less, or a connoisseur collection that features rare exotic genetics and Canada’s best weed.   We deliver weed in Calgary same day, in 1-2 hours everytime guaranteed!  In search of a delivery dispensary?  We are your quickest way to buy weed in Calgary and enjoy quick weed delivery in Canada.  Enjoy top shelf weed strains for less delivered to your place sameday with our quick Calgary Weed Delivery services.

Top shelf weed is our cannabis dispensary’s best weed products.  Supherbs top shelf weed is comprised of our best strains and highest quality genetics.  Here’s where you will find high THC strains and other genetics grown to perfection. Calgary’s best premium weed delivery service.  Dank cannabis is found here.

Mushroom delivery Canada.  We are Canada’s trusted dispensary for high quality magic mushrooms (psilocybin).  Enjoy selection from a variety of Canada’s most potent zoomers and shrooms available today.  Calgary, we deliver your mushrooms the same day within 90 minutes.  Buy mushrooms online in Canada at Supherbs.

Buy shatter online in Canada.  Buy rosin online.  Buy THCA diamonds and other cannabis concentrates and weed extracts online in Canada for same day delivery.  Enjoy quick shatter delivery same day in Calgary, and quick Xpress post on all indica and sativa shatter slabs ordered in Canada. enjoy same day delivery on your shatter in Calgary and surrounding areas like Cochrane, Chestermere, Okotoks, Airdrie and other cities near by.  Buy shatter online quick at Supherbs.  Learn more about cannabis conentrates vs extracts here.

Same day weed delivery means you get your weed within 1 – 2 hours in the same day every time when you order from Calgary, Chestermere, Okotoks, Airdrie, Cochrane, Langdon, Olds and other cities with close proximity to Calgary.

Weed Delivery

Bulkweed  is alive in Canada! We are discounting any order of regular priced weed up to 25% off when you order 2+ ounces. Learn more  about saving massive on every order of top shelf weed today.  Bulk weed Canada.

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Buy pre rolls online in Canada. Enjoy a selection of pre rolled joint packs, single pre rolled joints and a variety of high quality brands.  Our pre rolls are rolled to perfection every time, so you can ensure that each joint you light burns perfectly, with the same wonderful taste of the high quality strain it’s rolled with.  Expect joint rolled with high quality buds, every single time. Pre roll joint delivery Calgary – We’re bringing you your weed and rolling it too.

  • Single Joints
  • Packs of Pre Rolls
    • 3 Packs of Pre Rolls
    • 5 Packs of Pre Rolls
  • Infused Pre Rolls

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Buy edibles online in Canada at the best edible delivery service wherever you are in Canada.   Enjoy Canada’s strongest edibles  and top lab tested medical marijuana grade tinctures, CBD and THC capsules, and other light or strong edibles you’re going to love.  Grab your edibles to your place, we offer same day edibles delivery in Calgary.

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Buy weed vapes online in Canada.  Also known as THC Vapes, weed vape carts, these cape pen varieties come in deposable vape pens and 510 thread vape pen cartridges.  510 thread cartridges screw on and are interchangeable, when the cartridge is empty, keep your battery and add refiled cartridge to keep going.  Disposable vape pen units are one time use vape pens, so you can throw them our when you’re done with them. We delivery weed vapes in 2 hours or less anywhere in Calgary. Enjoy one of our weed vape pens here.

Mail order marijuana  is alive at Supherbs.   We bring your package to express post the same day so you can ensure quick delivery anywhere in Canada.  IT’s our priority to ensure your package arrives discreetly and quick today.

Mail Order Weed

Calgary Weed Delivery

Same Day Delivery - 2 hours or Less

Calgary same day weed delivery. Discover a dispensary near me with Supherbs. In Calgary, Chesteremere, Olds, Langdon, Cochrane, Airdrie, we deliver your weed in 90 minutes or less same day. We are leading the pack in quality, customer service and delivery times for Calgary weed deliveries.

Canada Weed Delivery

1 - 2 Business Days

Supherbs is Canada's trusted online weed delivery service and dispensary. Buy weed online in Canada securely. We know our weed, we are discreet, have over 10 years of experience in Mail Order Weed and we are here to get your weed to you as soon as possible across Canada.
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Bulk Weed

Take up to 35% off your entire order of weed when you buy bulk.

Buy bulk weed in Canada.  We offer massive deals on our regular low priced weed everyday when you buy multiple ounces.  When you need bulk weed in Canada, we are your bulk buddy. Bulkweed is best at Supherbs, guaranteed.

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