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Canada is back to school!  We’re discounting a bunch of items that are the easiest for you to get that sweet THC while you’re working on that 4.20 GPA!

Looking for weed coupons, sales on weed, cannabis dispensary deals in Calgary or across Canada?  Here’s where you will find a collection of discounted weed strains, savings , coupons and daily on going promotions that we’re running for you at Supherbs.  Bookmark this page to check back and get first access to daily discounts and fire sales.

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Buying more than 1 ounce? You can save up to 35% off your entire order of weed with our bulk weed pricing.

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Cheap Weed

Cheap weed! Deals on weed, the best cannabis coupons and every day discounts on weed.  Here’s where you’re going to find the best options to save a buck or two. Find all of our top shelf, high quality strains that go on discount here.  Ounce specials and fire sales included.   Browse our selection of cheap weed below for same day weed delivery.


500mg CBD Lemon Tea Gummies

$22.50 $25.00

Rated 0 out of 5

Gary Payton by Cookies



HOTBOX Shatter – Lemon Slushie


Rated 0 out of 5

Bio Stix One Hitter / Chillum



Ed & Bills – Blue Sharks

$23.00 $28.00

Rated 0 out of 5

Bulk Weed Deals

When you buy more than  1 ounce you save at Supherbs with our new wholesale pricing and bulk weed discounts!

Value Buds

Value buds are our dispensaries low priced buds.  Shop on a budget and enjoy this selection of cheap weed deals Canada.

Bundle Deals Daily

Enjoy variety packs of weed, edibles, shatter, connoisseur strains, pre rolled joints and more, for less!

Today’s best deals on rarely discounted strains, meet the ounce special. 

Todays Special Ounces.

Top Shelf Weed at The Best Prices in Canada

Buy the best top shelf weed online in Canada at the best prices. Enjoy a selection of new strains, buds, pre rolled joints and other cannabis products updated daily. Our Special Ounce selections are a variety of high quality buds discounted to firesale rates so you can try them out cheaper today. Check out our top shelf buds here.

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We offer FREE Xpress Post shipping across Canada on all orders over $100. All packages are sent in discreet, sealed / smell-proof packaging that will provide assurance in receiving your orders without a hitch. Same day Calgary weed delivery (2 hour or less) means when you order you get your weed in the same day. Kee track of all our sales at 420 Cannabis Deals

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Mail order delivery times typically range from 1-4 days, depending if you’re located in a more rural or urban area.

Order early to get your package mailed discreetly within 24 hours of placing it.

All deliveries will be provided a tracking number when we send them, and any questions can be answered by our expert customer service team by texting / calling +1587-768-0455