Marijuana Strains

Browse Supherbs marijuana dispensary growing selection of high quality marijuana strains.  What do we mean by high quality marijuana strains?  Quality to us means grown with love and care, grown in the correct environment in which each strain reaches it’s full potential for cannabinoids and terpene content.  Each of our strains is grown in the heart of BC in small batches whether a new exotic strain genetics, or a strain native to the soils within Canada.

Searching to buy an indica, sativa or hybrid strain online from a dispensary within Canada?  Maybe you’re seeking a heavy THC dominant, perhaps a CBD heavy strain?   Below is an updated list of all the strains we carry at Supherbs, and all the 2019 new strains we’ve added to the lineup.  You will find potent CBD strains, high THC strains, balanced indicas and sativas, indica dominant and sativa dominant options below.

Types of marijuana we stock:  Sativa, Indica & hybrid marijuana strains.

Cannabinoid content: High CBD strains, high THC strains and balanced hybrids. We offer strains with varieties in THC and CBD content so you will find marijuana as strong as you need it.

Fresh in Stock 

Find new marijuana strains available online in Canada below.  Here’s a list of the latest strains we’ve added to Supherbs dispensary.Fresh

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The Connoisseur Collection

The Connoisseur Collection is our line of exotic cannabis strains, grown in small batches, each with a mico atmosphere designed for each type of marijuana to reach it’s full potential of cannabinoids, terpene content, and overall appearance.  You will find the best strains in Canada here, native to Canadian regions, and exotics, bred around the world, not traditionally grown in Canada.  This hunt for quality genetics combined with out experienced cultivars ensures that everytime you shop Connoisseur Collection you will discover new genetics grown to perfection. You know you’ve found the creme of the crop when you see this badge.

Top Rated Marijuana Strains

Canada’s top rated marijuana strains are listed below.  Here you will find the best marijuana based on Canada’s reviews.  Here’s a list of the most popular strains available by ordering cannabis at Supherbs dispensary.

Best Indica Strains

Find the best indica strains of marijuana in Canada below.  Here’s a list of the best indica strains as rated by Supherbs customers.

Best Sativa Strains

Find the best sativa strains in Canada below.  Here’s a list of the top rated sativa strains as rated by Supherbs customers.

Best Hybrid Strains

Find a new hybrid strain of marijuana in Canada below.  Browse the top rated strains with a balanced sativa, indica profile.