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Buy top shelf weed online in Calgary for same day delivery, or quick express mail order marijuana.  Top shelf weed means high quality 

Top Shelf Weed Canada

Buy top shelf weed Canada.  Enjoy top shelf weed delivery 7 days a week with quick 90 minute or less order deliveries in Calgary.  We are a Calgary dispensary that offers top shelf cannabis 7 days a week with 90 minute or less same day delivery to your place.  Across Canada?  No problem, we ship to Toronto, Montreal, Edmonton, Calgary, Saskatoon, Regina, Surrey, Hamilton, Ottawa and all cities across Canada with express post daily.  Enjoy top shelf buds curated by our educated team of cannabis connoisseurs.

High THC Strains

Find high THC strains in Canada.  If you’re in Calgary we’re delivering your order of high THC weed free within the same day.  Enjoy quick service adn quality cannabis strains.  High THC strains in our world covers any strain of weed with over 30% THC, because that’s intense!

Top Shelf Indica Strains

Top shelf indica weed strains.  These are the heavy hitters and our most popular strains in 2022.  Canada’s best quality indica strains at your fingertips.  Enjoy quick delivery on all orders in Calgary and fast mail order marijuana with our express post option.

High THC Indica Strains

High THC indica strains are weed that here to knock you out.  Looking for a couchlock experience?  Something to put you on your back, or just hoping to get really high?  This is the perfect section for you.

Top Shelf Sativa Strains

Top shelf sativa strains are going to keep you high, creative and energetic throughout the day. Expect a heavy head buzz and premium cannabis that you’re going to love showing your friends.  Buy top shelf sativa weed strains online in Canada for quick mail order marijuana or in Calgary for 90 minute or less delivery to your place.

High THC Sativa Strains

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Buy top shelf weed online in Canada.  This is top shelf bud for top shelf prices.  Enjoy the best weed Canada has to offer.  Top shelf bud YYC delivery in 2 hours or less same day, that’s right, we deliver your premium top shelf cannabis within the same day when you live in Calgary.  Enjoy express shipping for all other cities across Canada.

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Buy weed online in a secure environment. Our service has invested in dedicated private hosting servers located overseas to ensure maximum security of your information. We will NEVER share your information with anyone, for any reason. Ever. To learn more, check out our Privacy Policy.

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We offer FREE Xpress Post shipping across Canada on all orders over $100. All packages are sent in discreet, sealed / smell-proof packaging that will provide assurance in receiving your orders without a hitch. Same day Calgary weed delivery (2 hour or less)!


Canada’s best weed, guaranteed.

Canada’s best weed, we promise. Enjoy high THC indica strains, sativa strains and exotic top shelf strains that are popular in Canada or up and coming new genetics.

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