Twisted Extracts Edibles

Twisted Extracts Edibles

Looking for some of the best edibles in Canada? You’re not alone! With so many brands and manufacturers releasing new products, finding the top-quality cannabis is not easy. In this Twisted Extracts article, you will learn everything you need to know about getting your hands on some of the best edible vapes Canada has to offer. Buy edibles Canada at Supherbs.

Twisted Extracts

Twisted Extracts are a twisted family of cannabis and confection experts who make cannabis and CBD edibles. Everything they do is to enrich the quality of life of our customers with consistently dosed cannabis and CBD products for recreational and therapeutic use. Advocacy has been at the root of Twisted Extracts since they opened in 2015. They support Harm Reduction and Reconciliation organizations and projects on an ongoing basis.Our products are precisely and accurately dosed using the same proprietary extracts since 2015. They lab test all of the products at an accredited 3rd party laboratory. Twisted Extracts are Canada‘s trusted source for weed edibles. Enjoy full spectrum and balanced cannabis oils and tincture products. Discover a line of indica tinctures, sativa tinctures, CBD tinctures and THC tinctures. Twisted Extracts makes natural cannabis infused edible products so you won’t find any weird additives. Buy Twisted Extracts and Edibles online in Canada at Supherbs Dispensary.

Twisted Extracts Products 

Before we get into the specifics of each of the products from Twisted Extracts, it’s worth taking some time to discuss what differentiates one product from another in the cannabis space.

People choose to consume edible cannabis over smoking or vaping for many different reasons:
  1. Eating an edible is a healthier way to consume cannabis. Some evidence suggests that smoking and vaping may be harmful to your health.
  2. Edibles last longer. The effects of a cannabis edible last ~6-8 hours while the effects of cannabis after smoking only last ~2-4 hours. This is especially great for people using edibles to help them fall asleep and stay asleep.
  3. Edibles are discrete. Despite cannabis being legalized, there is still some stigma that exists. Some people prefer edibles because they don’t smell and can be consumed discreetly.
  4. Edibles produce more of a ‘body high’. Some people experience a different kind of “high” with cannabis edibles. People often describe edibles as having more of a “body high” and less of a “head high” especially in lower dosages. Why? Cannabinoids and terpenes are metabolized differently depending on how you consume them.
Edibles can contain either THC, CBD or both. The CBD on its own doesn’t have psychoactive effects, but when mixed with THC, it creates a more well-rounded experience. Although edibles can take many different forms, these are some of the most commonly enjoyed varieties; gummies, baked goods, chocolates, hard candy, beverages, and oils + tinctures.

Types of Edibles

Edibles have different varieties, so it’s worth taking some time to break down each one individually. Gummies like the candy, chewy cannabis-infused gummies are available in a wide range of shapes, colors and fruity flavors — even sour variations. With baked goods, marijuana brownies are often what leaps to mind when people think of ingestible cannabis. Although cannabis can also make appearances in cookies, muffins, cupcakes and any other baked goods.
Cannabis-infused chocolate is another easy-to-consume and tasty way to enjoy the THC/CBD effect. Low to medium level in potency, cannabis hard candies, suckers, lollipops and lozenges are considered a dual-absorption product. It means that the THC and CBD are absorbed through your mouth and through your stomach and liver. They usually start to take effect after about 20 minutes, whereas a gummy or a chocolate that you’re chewing and swallowing takes anywhere from 45 minutes to two hours to kick in. Effects can last anywhere from two to six hours depending on what you take and how much. Cannabis beverages and drink mixes like sodas, teas, coffees and cocoas present another option.
There are also tinctures, or liquid extracts, that can be added to beverages or dropped directly under the tongue for quick absorption.

Top Edibles From Twisted Extracts

Now that you have an idea of the different types of edible products, let’s take a look at the top offerings from Twisted Extracts Canada. Their products designed for fun and recreation are packed with 80 mg THC and are available in Indica or Sativa options.

Buy Twisted Extracts Online in Canada

Indica ZZZ Bombs – Skip the spa day and go straight to blissful tranquility. These gummies have a reputation of bringing on waves of relaxation. Whether you’re looking to unwind after a stressful day (chill the f out), relieve chronic pain, or fall into a deep slumber (hence the ‘Zzz’), the Zzz Bombs have you covered.
Sativa Jelly Bombs – Wherever your happy place is, the Sativa Jelly Bombs will take you there. They’re great for many uses like sparking creativity (feel like Bob Ross), unwinding from the day (enhancing your binge watching netflix abilities), and making you feel like a kid again (regardless of how long it’s been).
Indica 1:1 Jelly Bombs – Relax, unwind and sleep easy. The Indica 1:1 Zzz Bombs combine the best of both worlds; an indica-derived THC to help you feel relaxed and sedated while maximizing the pain relieving and anti-anxiety therapeutic benefits of CBD. Who couldn’t use a little more chill in their life?
Sativa 1:1 Jelly Bombs – Cannabinoids are better together – like Tuesdays and tacos. The Sativa 1:1 Jelly Bombs help you maximize the benefits of both THC and CBD. These gummies are great for things like improving your overall mood, taking away aches and pains, and an overall sense of calm (otherwise known as feeling zen AF).
CBD Jelly Bombs – Serenity now! The CBD gummies won’t make you feel ‘high’, but they’re great for things like helping ease anxiety, reducing pain, and mastering the art of letting things go. These CBD Bombs have you covered for every serenity now moment life throws at you.
Halley’ Comet 1:1 Jelly Bombs – Not the fiery space ball, but a full spectrum CBD edible. These gummies pack a powerful punch so make sure you start low and go slow (seriously, take it easy Cheech and Chong). They’re naturally high in CBD so they’re great for kicking that chronic pain in the a**, helping you relax, and have an overall great time no matter what you’re doing (or not doing, couch potato days are okay too).
Cara melts – Creamy, buttery, and delicious – thr Cara-Melts are seriously hard to resist. They’re infused with the same cannabis oil used in the Jelly Bombs so you can expect the same effects. The Cara-Melts come individually wrapped and can be easily stored in a purse or bag for discreet, on-the-go consumption because who doesn’t need an emergency stash of cannabis for whatever life throws at you?
Sativa Oil Drops – Simple and versatile. Twisted Extract’s Oil Drops are made with cannabis extract and avocado oil. Whatever your dose, these Orange flavoured drops make it easy to incorporate cannabis and CBD into your daily routine. Add them to your tea, salad dressings or smoothies and more.
Indica Oil Drops – Simple and versatile. Twisted Extract’s Oil Drops are made with cannabis extract and avocado oil. Whatever your dose, these Orange flavoured drops make it easy to incorporate cannabis and CBD into your daily routine. Add them to your tea, salad dressings or smoothies and more.
CBD Oil Drops – Simple and versatile. Twisted Extract’s Oil Drops are made with cannabis extract and avocado oil. Whatever your dose, these Orange flavoured drops make it easy to incorporate cannabis and CBD into your daily routine. Add them to your tea, salad dressings or smoothies and more.
Take and Bake Oil – Cannabis oil in a precise dispenser, perfect for your cooking and baking needs. Made with the same Cannabis oil used to infuse the Jelly Bombs, Cara-Melts, and Oil Drops so you can make edibles at home with the effects you’re used to.

About Twisted Extracts Edibles

With any form of edible, consumers should be aware that the cannabis content can vary by product, and effects may differ by individual. The desired result of consuming an edible determines how much an individual person should ingest at one time. If you’re new to edibles, start low and go slow! Twisted Extracts Canada have premium quality infused cannabis edibles that can be bought online. Buy Twisted Extracts online at Supherbs Canada!

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