What are weed moonrocks?

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Can I Buy Mushroom Edibles?

Mushroom edibles help you get the good stuff without the taste of mushrooms.  Infused into chocolate, gummy candy, candy and other tasty treats, enjoy magic mushrooms in a sweet filled

Is There Different Types of Mushrooms?

Yes! Just as with weed strains, there’s many different types of mushrooms each with varying medicinal properties and effects. With up to 200 different types of magic mushrooms floating around

How Many Mushrooms Do I Need To Get High?

Mushrooms affect different people in different ways. Sometimes you might need a micro dose, sometimes a little more macro. It all comes down to the type of mushrooms you have,

Can I Buy Ounces of Shatter

We offer sales on shatter for 3x and 5x packs of each strain, as well, enjoy shatter bundles which offer you a variety pack of 3 or 5 strains.  Use

What Areas Does Same Day 2 Hour Delivery Apply?

Calgary’s Best Dispensary We deliver weed same day within 2 hours to Calgary and surrounding areas.  Surrounding areas included in our sameday weed delivery: Okotoks, Chestermere, Cochrane, Airdrie, Langdon and


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