New Weed Products Canada 2022

Find new weed strains in a dispensary near me at Supherbs.  We’re delivering your weed within the same day in Calgary and express post across Canada.  Find Canada’s top new weed strains, exotics and cannabis local to Canadian regions. Looking for top shelf weed in Canada.  We have you covered.  Check out our top shelf strains here.

New pre rolled joint strains appear here.  Check out our latest and freshest pre rolled joints both in indica, sativa and hybrid strains in 0.5g to 1g prerolls.

Browse Canada’s best edibles, from Canada’s best edible brands under one dispensary near me, Supherbs.  Enjoy trusted dosage from qualified and trusted companies.  Discover both CBD and THC edibles and mushroom edibles.   Enjoy strong edibles through micro dose edibles containing THC and CBD in 1:1 ratios and others.

Find new weed vape products including THC vape juice, disposable vape pens, 510 thread vape pens and more.  Enjoy a selection of different types of vape products vape juices and strains.  These are solventless vapes and vape juices.

Find new shatter from indica and sativa strains. hybrid shatter strains and more.  Enjoy bulk shatter deals in 3 gram and 5 gram packages.  Shatter is a BHO extract that holds a high level of terpene content as well as a high level of THC!

New Weed Products 2022

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The Best Weed Products In Canada

We offer FREE Xpress Post shipping across Canada on all orders over $100. All packages are sent in discreet, sealed / smell-proof packaging that will provide assurance in receiving your orders without a hitch. Same day Calgary weed delivery (2 hour or less)!

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Ounce Specials

Find a variety of strains on ounce special every single day. Check back, we don't announce these!

Bundle Packs

Save on weed and shatter when you buy shatter and weed bundle packs, a variety of multiple strains.


Earn free gifts when you shop at Supherbs today!  Upon checkout if your cart value is over $150 you will see a free gift table pop up below you cart on checkout.  Simply choose your gifts and enjoy! 

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