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Welcome to Canada’s best online cannabis dispensary shipping orders to every city and town across Canada. Enjoy products for amateurs and connoisseurs alike. Our knowledgeable staff are devoted to creating an intuitive online experience that will help you find the right product(s), as well as inform and educate those interested in cannabis culture.

We are Supherbs, and we’re proud of our affordable rates on Canada’s highest quality cannabis products.  It’s our priority to give Canadians fair access to the high quality marijuana you deserve, all for low prices that

If you would like to know more about our products or services feel free to contact us, or check out these links below for more information on our delivery, payments, strains, and products in stock.

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  • Vape Pens

    Vape Pens (23)

    Buy weed vape pens online in Canada.  We offer a variety of THC vape pens in both rechargeable 510 thread cartridges and disposable vape pens that are one time use.
  • Pre Rolled Joints

    Pre Rolled Joints (12)

    Pre Rolled Joints & Pre Roll Packs of Joints!  Buy pre rolled joints online in Canada with Supherbs.  Find a variety of pre-roll joint brands in a variety of hybrid, sativa and indica pre rolls.  Your favorite strains in 3 packs rolled to perfection so you don't have to.  Save yourself the time it takes to roll a joint, and…
  • Flowers

    Flowers (37)

    Buy weed online in Canada.   Find a variety of premium hybrid, indica and sativa strains available in quarters, half ounces and full ounces.  Explore weekly special ounce deals which are sales and the best deals on ounces of quality cannabis. We take pride in offering the best quality marijuana flower at the best prices online in Canada.  On orders over $100…
  • Edibles

    Edibles (53)

    Buy edibles online in Canada.   We have strong edibles in CBD and THC infused chocolate, gummy candies, beverage mixes, baked edibles, capsules and more of Canada's strongest edibles.  Our marijuana infused edibles contain varying levels of THC and CBD.
  • Concentrates

    Concentrates (47)

    Buy cannabis concentrates online in Canada.   Find extracts such as THCA diamonds, live resin, tinctures, oils, shatter and other quality, strong and lab tested THC extract products.
  • CBD Products

    CBD Products (17)

    Buy CBD oil, tinctures, capsules, CBD strains, CBD edibles and other medical grade CBD products online in Canada.

Here’s what a few of our customers are saying. Check out all of our dispensary reviews here.

Canada’s Best Weed & Cannabis Products

We are Canada’s trusted online dispensary with a long history of bringing Canada’s top quality edibles, lab tested concentrates, and exotic cannabis strains, properly cured, and grown to perfection in the heart of BC, delivered every hour across Canada to every city and town, no matter the size. Canadians deserve quick access to quality cannabis at affordable rates, and that’s what we do best.

Learn about our Calgary weed delivery services, get your package within 2 hours every order!
Jeremy Salies
Jeremy Salies@jroc403
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Supherbs Calgary always fast delivery on my buds! 2 hour delivery is the best and it's never been late. Try Purple God it's really tasty.
Sarah Hille
Sarah Hille@sarah4536
Read More
I have been using Supherbs for the last 2 years and always love their quality. The connoisseur collection always has a choice of super nice pickings!

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The Best Online Weed Dispensary in Canada

Canada's Best Online Weed Shop

We are the best online weed dispensary in Canada with over 500 authentic five star reviews on Google.  Our expertise, large and consistent medical grade cannabis selection, standing by customer support, educated staff and quick same day delivery drivers are just a part of the reason Supherbs has grown into Canada’s largest and best rated online cannabis dispensary in 2021.  Here’s a list of all the product lines we’re bringing in based on popular demand. See our strain list here and our weed brands here.

Buy Weed Online

Buy weed online in Canada from the best cannabis dispensary. Enjoy budget buds through connoisseur exclusive buds grown organically in small batches. We have a variety of hybrid, sativa and indica strains for you to order online today. Enjoy quick free delivery on all orders over $100.

Buy Edibles Online

Buy edibles online easily in Canada with Supherbs. We offer a variety of capsules, chocolates, gummies, candy and other baked goods infused with THC and CBD. Enjoy all strengths too, we stock low dose edibles through Canada's strongest edibles. We understand that strong edibles can be a challenge for some, that's why we offer all doses, so you can build your way up to your desired experience.

Buy Weed Vapes Online

Weed vapes are just that, vapes filled with weed extracts. These come in THC and CBD vape pen varieties. Enjoy THC filled pod systems, 510 thread cannabis cartridges and disposable vape pens good for one use. Vape pen cartridges come with complete vape pen kits or just pod and cartridge refills. Cartridges, batteries and kits for your vape are our specialty..

Buy Pre Rolls Online

Buy Pre Rolls online in Canada! Order your favorite Supherbs strain wrapped to perfection in high quality unrefined rolling paper cones. Our pre roll joints come in a handful of varieties. Enjoy Moonwalker single joints filled with cannabis extracts and high quality weed, or stick with the weed and enjoy 3 packs of pre rolled joints in a pack of Hot Box Pre Rolls.

Sativa-1:1-Cannabis Oils Drops-Twisted Extracts

Buy Cannabis Extracts Online

Cannabis extracts and concentrates. Buy the best quality cannabis extracts online in Canada at Supherbs. We offer low dose through Canada's strongest extracts. Enjoy a variety of products stocked daily including Shatter, tinctures, THCA Diamonds, terp sauce and other amazing treats that you can dab or swollow!

Buy CBD Online

Buy CBD online in Canada. CBD vapes, CBD weed strains, CBD pills and capsules, CBD oil and other CBD products. CBD is used frequently as a medical treatment for many disease, ailments and injuries. CBD is also known to be great for the mental health and a number of disorders in which you're seeking a natural organic treatment. All products at Supherbs are lab tested for potency and qualtiy.