High THC Strains

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High THC strains. Find high THC strains in Canada. We regularly stock a variety of strains with high levels of THC.  These are the strongest strains you will find online in Canada ranging from 25% THC and higher. Buy high THC strains at the best prices with quick and convenient weed delivery Canada.

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Indica strains is a type of cannabis strain known for its relaxing and sedative effects. Here is a sample of what we have for high THC Indica strains that are 29% THC or higher. Take advantage of our same day delivery service with some top shelf buds and top shelf indica strains.

Sativa strains is known for its uplifting and energizing effects.  These are sativa strains with 28% THC and higher.  Enjoy quick same day delivery on all high THC sativa strains.  These are top shelf buds and top shelf sativa strains.

Hybrid strains can offer a balance between the energizing effects of sativa strains and the relaxing effects of indica strains.  Enjoy high quality balanced indica:sativa strains with over 29% THC.  Browse a variety of high THC Hybrid strains with the best of both indica and sativa world

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THC Strains

Buy THC weed strains at Supherbs. We regularly stock a variety of high THC weed strains so you can get your medical relief quick from the strains you trust.

High THC Strains

High THC strains can be hard to find. We are Canada's trusted source for high THC weed strains in Calgary and across Canada. With THC levels ranging from 25% to over 30%, these strains are sure to provide a potent and enjoyable experience for any cannabis enthusiast.

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