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STRONG Edibles

Canada's Strongest Edibles

You are looking for that high. Those strong ediblesCanada’s strongest edibles.  We’re here with a variety of high THC edible treats that you’re going to love in beverage, gummy, candy and other forms.  Enjoy THC chocolate and other tasty treats designed to give you the high you desire!  Weed edibles at their finest, delivered to you anywhere in Canada – 90 minutes same day delivery in Calgary.

Here you will find edibles from Canada’s best THC infused companies including Bliss Edibles, Twisted Extracts, Ganja Leaf edibles and more!

Bliss Edibles

Bliss edibles and Bliss Gummies are some of Canada's strongest THC gummies. Enjoy high quality experience, strong potency and amazing flavor every time. Buy Bliss edibles online in Calgary with same day delivery, or same day shipped across Canada.

THC Gummies

We carry a variety of THC gummies. Some are vegan, sugarless and a variety of different infusion methods containing cannabis oil, distillate and other high quality, lab tested cannabis concentrates based edible products.

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THC Edibles

THC edibles are something we focus on carrying a massive selection of. Enjoy THC edible products infused in various methods for high THC dose and low THC dose edibles. Jelly, candy, chocolate, tea, beverages, and a variety of cannabis edibles are found here.

CBD Edibles

CBD edibles are typically recommended for those using high dosages of CBD for medical purpose. Cannabis edibles with CBD help you relax and work to counteract a number of medical ailments and pain or chronic pain. Try CBD edible products in tinctures, gummies, candy, beverages and more.

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High dose cannabis edibles.

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Weed Edibles

Weed edibles come in a variety of options but mainly THC edibles and CBD edibles.

Mushroom Edibles

Mushroom edibles let you eat the magic mushrooms without tasting the mushroom flavor. It's nice.