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Buy weed vape pen cartridges and 510 thread batteries for your vape online.  Find Canad’s top brands of 510 thread and pod system vapes onine at Supherbs. Buy 510 thread THC vape pens that you can recharge for multiple cartridge refills!  The batteries are rechargeable and the cartridges are easily refilled or replaced. Just screw on any 510 thread THC or CBD cartridge to take a pull.

CBD & THC vape pen cartridges & kits.  Buy THC vape pens that you can recharge, and reuse. Simply refill, or swap out the cartridge when you're done.  Plug your battery in to continue using it with a new cartridge refill.

Weed vape pen cartridges come in all flavors and sizes.  Some come with CBD oil or distillate while others use THC oil or distillate. Both are infused with terpenes to achieve the high or medical benefits you desire.

To activate your vape pen battery, simply click the button the desired number of times designated by that unit, and hold the button to take a pull.  These batteries are good for saving juice for when you need it.

THC PODS –  THC pods are weed vape cartridges that fit on to POD style vapes like JUULS and Vype vape pens.  These contain THC and are a lightweight vape pen that works as an autodraw pull, meaning no need to turn it on or off, it does that automatically.

510 thread batteries and cartridge refills are another variety of weed vape we currently have in stock.  This is the global standard for vaporizer cartridges and batteries, and these units allow you to easily add new flavors from new companies while using the same battery.

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Buy weed on a budget and find Canada's best quality cannabis strains. These are the best places to look for exactly what you're after!


Bundles are sampler, variety pack deals. Save with a selection of weed or shatter strains!


Regularly updated ounce specials, deals on your favorite strains at the best prices!


The absolute best marijuana picks we have to offer! The kind of buds that make your mouth water.


The absolute best picks we have to offer! The kind of buds that make your mouth water.​

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