Lizard King (Premium) Magic Mushrooms – Magic Box

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Lizard King (Premium) Magic Mushrooms – Magic Box


These psilocybin mushrooms will lift you to heights you could only have dreamed of. We’re sure these will sell out fast, so order your pack today before they’re go


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Lizard King Magic Mushrooms

The Lizard King Magic Mushrooms is a highly coveted mushroom strain that is a cult favorite in Canada and beyond. This Psilocybe Cubensis strain was discovered by Lizard King, a man who played a significant role in the discovery of many other Mexican-based specimens. He found the shrooms growing on a blend of horses’ stool and wood. It is estimated that this mushroom strain rose to prominence back in the 60s. This is because its name (Lizard King) depicts the counterculture movement dominant at that time. The lead singer of the world-famous rock band dubbed ‘the Doors,’ Jim Morrison also went by the moniker Lizard King. His experience living with desert animals like lizards and snakes earned him the nickname. Additionally, Jim also identified the lizard as his spirit animal, or spiritual alter ego. The Lizard King shroom variety has average to above-average potency and is guaranteed to offer its consumers a boost in moods and levels of excitement. In the right dosage, Lizard King offers spiritual awakening.





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