Get $20 for every friend you refer

The more friends you refer, the more money you earn!

How to refer a friend

  • Copy Your $20 Referral Coupon Code

    While logged in to an account, scroll down to find your unique referral code and Copy it to your Clipboard.

  • Send Your Code To Everyone

    Once you've copied your code, go ahead and text it to EVERYONE! Your friends, your grandma, your entire contact list 👌🏻

    You can also use our built in links to share your code Via Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp or Email!

  • Friend Makes a Purchase Using Your Code

    When a friend makes a purchase using your code, they will receive $20 OFF their order! I hope they say thank you for saving them some crazy bank!

  • Receive Your $20 Credit!

    After your friends order and payment are successfully processed, your customer account will be automatically credited $20!

    You can earn as many referral credits as you want, and any un-used credits you hold will be automatically applied to your future orders!



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