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The best quality cannabis in CanadaBuy the best weed Canada has to offer online here!

Connoisseur Black Collection

When you see this badge you know that you have found Canada's best weed.

Enjoy the best cannabis has to offer with our brand new category for designer marijuana strains grown in small batches with a priority on high quality buds, clean smoke, white ash, the perfect density, full terpene development and high cannabinoid profiles.

The Connoisseur Black Collection redefines quality in Canadian cannabis.  Discover new, rare genetics weekly, grown to absolute perfection in small batches and only available in extremely limited quantities.

Find the best cannabis online in Canada at Supherbs.

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Buy weed on a budget and find Canada's best quality cannabis strains. These are the best places to look for exactly what you're after!


Bundles are sampler, variety pack deals. Save with a selection of weed or shatter strains!


Regularly updated ounce specials, deals on your favorite strains at the best prices!


The absolute best marijuana picks we have to offer! The kind of buds that make your mouth water.


The absolute best picks we have to offer! The kind of buds that make your mouth water.​

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