True Albino Teacher Magic Mushrooms – Magic Box

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True Albino Teacher Magic Mushrooms – Magic Box


These psilocybin mushrooms will lift you to heights you could only have dreamed of. We’re sure these will sell out fast, so order your pack today before they’re go


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True Albino Teacher is a strain of Psilocybe cubensis known to carry all the qualities of the famous Golden Teacher strain but with albino traits (no pigmentation). This shroom produces pure white fruiting bodies of above-average potency. This strain was developed by the Shroomery user named “Jik Fibs,” who isolated the albino variation when cultivating Golden Teachers. He cloned five albinos that popped up during a grow and cultivated the spores until he produced three successive generations of the variant.  Although it’s a little more demanding than the Golden Teacher strain to grow, with some knowledge of cultivation, several flushes of white shrooms can be produced without much trouble.  The spores are now available from select vendors across the United States and Canada.

Like many other strains of Psilocybe cubensis, there’s little information on the history of True Albino Teacher. However, we do know a little bit about its origins. Supposedly, “Jik Fibs,” a frequent user of the Shroomery forum, had five albino fruits pop up from a Golden Teacher cultivation. He then took clones from the mutation and swabbed them. Over the next year, he cultivated the strain until he produced three generations of full albino shrooms. The genetics were then made available to the wider market, and reliable albino spore samples could be purchased from a small selection of online vendors.




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